11 Tips For The Distracted Mind

It’s hard to maintain focus in our daily lives with all the endless distractions around us, but the moment we get lost in our work, it cuts our connection with the outside world. It’s the point where we are able to blur the hindrance around us.

So, here are 11 tips that will help you maintain focus and enhance your productivity.

1. If loud noises are the biggest cause of distraction, then the most logical approach is to remove them from the equation. Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs can do this easily.

2. Deciding what is and isn’t important is one skill. But having the guts to say NO when you know something isn’t important or is disruptive to your flow, is quite another. Learn it.

3. If you think you’re having focus problems, think about setting up an attention fitness regimen for yourself.

4. Do slightly less than what you think you’re capable of

5. You’re not going to run the attention fitness equivalent of a marathon today so, start slow.

6. Prioritize effectively, Decide what is the most important thing you need to do that day and do it first.

7.  You know you need 30 mins in the morning to get ready? Make a 30 min mixtape and aim to leave before the last song plays. It’s a neat psychological trick!

8. De-stressing is important, and it’s equally important to de-stress away from the internet. Go and take up a sport or a craft to feed your brain. Variety is important.

9. Breaks are important. But unscheduled Internet breaks can keep you from ever getting into the “flow” of work.

10. Feel like your attention span is shrinking and that you do not have the memory that you used to? You should consider signing up for online brain games that are designed to help you improve your mental focus.

11.  Last but not the least, make a list. Although making a list is one of the simplest and most ignored task in this day and age of computers, there is something satisfying about manually crossing a task off the list.


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