26 Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

26 Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

Dreams are awesome and we all have them! They’re the best part of a good night’s sleep, however, sometimes dreams aren’t as pleasant as we hoped – sometimes they’re even nightmares.

Our dreams are an important part of who we are. What our subconscious conjures up while we are in our slumber is actually very meaningful. It’s not just a random assimilation of memories or thoughts – it’s relevant to what’s going on in your immediate life.

Have you ever had a recurring dream that you can’t seem to escape?

The root issue might be in your subconscious. Our subconscious controls essentially everything about who we are, and if you never dealt with an important issue it will reside there until you pull it out.

What we see and do in our dreams are actually very relevant. By reading and interpreting your dreams you can discover parts of yourself you never knew. Your brain might even be trying to tell you something.

What we see in our dreams have been interpreted as symbolism since dream analysis was a thing! What do your dreams mean?

Here are the most common dream symbols and their meaning!

1. Water

Are you dreaming of water? Maybe you’re dreaming that you’re lost at sea or taking a dip in the pool. Dreaming of water is said to be an indicator that you feel unsupported by your loved ones.

2. Trapped

Are you trapped in your dreams by some kind of malevolent force? Well, you might actually be trapped by something else in life. Feeling trapped in a dream might indicate that you need a change or a fresh start.

3. Babies

Dreaming about babies might mean you want to continue your family line. Are you a maternal person? Maybe it is time to extend your family!

4. Animals

Dreaming about animals has been linked to survival or primal instinct in many different cases. It’s considered to be a sign to continue and keep trying harder no matter how hard it may be.

5. Chased

Being chased by someone or something in a dream is the worst because no matter how fast or far you run, you can’t escape it. Getting chased might indicate that you feel like you’re in danger or pressured by something.

6. Death

Dreaming about death is no fun either. Death is a dark and scary topic most of the time, but it might mean you’re awaiting a new beginning. Perhaps you’re waiting for love.

7. Tests

People who struggle with testing or school might even have nightmares of the test they’re awaiting. This might mean you do not feel good enough, or prepared. It’s a reflection of how prepared you are for the actual test.

8. Food

Dreaming about food doesn’t mean you’re just hungry. It might mean you need to feed your brain with knowledge. Your brain might be seeking further inspiration or meaning – discover it.

9. Demons and Monsters

Perhaps the worst thing to dream about, dreaming about monsters or demons might mean you’re avoiding something scary. You might need to come out of your comfort zone and deal with something you’ve been avoiding.

10. Buildings and Houses

This might symbolize how you think with your brain. Each room is characterized by a different part of your brain.

11. Killing People

Don’t worry, you’re not a destined murderer. Dreaming about killing people might mean you want to kill off the part of yourself that’s dark.

12. Money

Dreaming about money could very well be a side effect of stress or financial issues. Perhaps you feel like you’re worth more than making money all the time, or you’re longing for more.

13. Falling

Falling is a very common dream. Ever fall from your bed only to realize you’re falling from a cliff and you never hit the bottom? This could mean you are thinking about letting go of something you’ve held onto for a while.

14. Meeting A Famous Person

You might even dream about meeting some kind of celebrity. This might be because you relate yourself to them and think you’d get along. Maybe you even think you’d persevere in their field.

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15. Being Cheated On

If you’re dreaming about being cheated on it might indicate some higher trust issues. Maybe you’re actually worried about this, or you just need to practice trust more.

16. Car Crashes

People who are afraid of vehicular transportation might dream of car crashes. It might also indicate your fear for the irresponsibility of other people; the fact that your life is in the hands of others when driving.

17. Your Innermost Desires

It’s obviously normal to dream about the things you desire the most. It’s a sign that you’re really trying to achieve those things and you’re one dream closer.

18. Walking Or Running

Walking or running consistently in dreams might represent a need to display power or strength. Maybe you feel like you should start working out again.

19. Paralysis

Dreaming of paralysis is a terrifying experience. It might mean that you are stressed about your lack of control over things.

20. Spiders

If you’re not afraid of spiders, it can also indicate that you are not feeling in control. You might be excluded by a group of people from something you can’t do. Or you could just have a case of arachnophobia.

21. Flying

Flying represents being able to be bigger than this world. Maybe you feel capable of much more powerful things than going to work and school. It can be a sign of freedom too!

22. Fire

Dreaming of fire can mean you’re a very passionate person who takes things seriously. You are a very emotionally in touch person and aware of the fire in your soul.

23. Books

Dreaming about books might indicate a need for knowledge. Maybe you feel like you need to learn more to get the real effect of life. They represent wisdom, power, and strength.

24. Dogs and Cats

Dreaming about dogs and cats means that you have an appreciation for the loyalty of our four-legged friends. You strongly identify with our companions here on earth.

25. Crying

Dreaming about crying means your holding back on your emotions and need to let them go. Find a friend to talk to about the things bothering you the most.

26. Drowning

Dreaming about drowning can mean that you feel stuck, smothered, or unable to change your own situation. Take control of your own life and change the things you feel need it – you can do it!


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