7 Incredible Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil EVERYONE Should Know!

Cannabis Sativa is a natural herb that has its origins in Central Asia. Commonly known as “Cannabis” or “Marijuana”, it has been used by traditional cultures for many thousands of years to treat health conditions.

Cannabis products are derived from the parts of the cannabis sativa plant that contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the cannabinoid most commonly known for its psychoactive properties.

This is why many countries strictly regulate it. Cannabis products are often shrouded in controversy and heavily regulated in many countries around the world.

Over the past few decades, there has been efforts to legalize cannabis products and their induction into modern medicine. This herb can provide many health benefits and treat common ills.

So what benefits can this ancient herb provide and how might it be used to treat common ailments in the 21st century?

Here they are:

1. Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a common issue in modern society as we expose ourselves to more stressful situations. Unlike us, our ancestors faced stress through short experiences like when in danger, or excited, like when hunting or running from predators.

Through many lifestyle factors and dietary factors, our stress levels are greatly impacted. Many prescription medicines used for anxiety and chronic stress is harmful to our bodies, while natural alternatives are weak. Then, comes in cannabis oil (CBD Oil).

In 2013, a study was published that discovered treatment involving the use of cannabinoids after a traumatic/stressful experience could potentially help to stabilize the emotional response from the subject. Researchers are now finding that cannabinoids are able to slow down stress receptors in the hippo-campus (part of the brain where emotional response is controlled).

2. Asthma

Cannabis has been utilized as a treatment for respiratory illnesses in many ancient Indian and Chinese cultures. With its analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory properties, including the ability to dilate the bronchial tubes, providing a better flow of oxygen.

For millions who suffer from asthma, cannabis oil could be a potent solution to their condition. Many studies were conducted in the 1970s that looked into the bronchodilatory impacts of cannabis on asthma patients. Many asthma patients in the study had benefited positively from the treatment.

3. Heart Health

There are antioxidant properties found within cannabis oil that could treat heart-related issues. Studies on animals have found that cannabis oil treatments are powerful the prevention against some cardiovascular issues, including strokes, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks.

In 2014, a team of British researchers discovered that the results from animal studies had applied to human heart conditions as well. It was recognized that cannabinoids have the ability to relax and dilate blood vessels so circulation can be improved and blood pressure is lowered.

Cannabis Oil

4. Pain Relief

Traditional uses of cannabis was geared towards healing chronic pain. This dates back to thousands of years ago. Now, we have evidence that proves cannabis products are effective in healing discomfort by preventing neural transmissions in the body’s pain pathways. They also have the ability to reduce inflammation, which explains why cancer patients take them while going through sessions of chemotherapy.

In 2010, A study in Canada found that cannabis is an effective treatment towards chronic pain. 23 adult participants, who suffered from neuropathic pain from trauma or surgery, were in the study.

Over the span of 2 weeks, the participants were randomly selected and administered cannabis in 4 various potency levels. Results observed that when participants took it 3 times a day, cannabis was effective in reducing chronic, severe pain, as well as stabilizing sleeping patterns.

5. Skin Protection

You can actually apply cannabis oil on your skin to give it a more healthier glow. The oil can exfoliate the old cells and stimulate the growth of new skin cells to replace them. It also aids in lipid production, which works to fight off acne and psoriasis.

Besides being able to eliminate stress, cannabis oil can also prevent skin diseases that are stimulated by anxiety like rosacea or eczema.

6. Seizures

Evidence from small studies and personal reports state that cannabis oil is powerful in seizure prevention and could end up being a form of treatment towards epilepsy in the future. Not enough evidence is out there to make it worthy of selling for commercial use for the illnesses.

Many published studies aren’t able to even reach a conclusion that is purely decisive.

7. Cancer

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Cancer is the most dreaded disease and most controversial in history. There is a lot of enthusiasm with cannabis oil now that people are seeing its effects through personal stories etc.

Scientists are finding that some cannabinoids have many positive effects in lab conditions like:

• Preventing new blood vessels from becoming tumors
• Reducing the risk of cancer cells spreading through the body and penetrating healthy neighboring tissue.
• Triggering the death of cancer cells through apoptosis
• Preventing the division of cancer cells

Despite strong evidence pointing to cannabis being a superheater, it still has yet to be recognized as a cure.


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