9 Year Old Girl Who Used Cannabis Therapy To Cure Her Cancer Shares A Message With The World

[Soul, Spirit & Guidance] 9 Year Old Girl Who Used Cannabis Therapy To Cure Her Cancer Shares A Message With The World

Even though cannabis has been often demonized and referred to as a very dangerous substance, which may harm human health, there are many real life stories which claim the opposite.

Cannabis therapy had recently often being used to treat serious health conditions and in most of the cases it gave great results.

For instance, paediatric cannabis therapy is a very powerful live-saving therapy which is saving lives, but yet not popular enough.

Since there are separated opinions on the topic, not many people decide to share their personal experiences with the others, in order to protect themselves to be judged by the society.

However, awareness around this topic is crucial in order to highlight the power of this natural therapy.

Brave Mykayla is a little girl that made a video in purpose to spread awareness about the positive aspects of cannabis therapy and its effectiveness when it comes to cancer healing.

Accordingly, the point of the video is to make people become aware of the power of alternative medicine, and convince people to start using those remedies instead of the commercially allowed ones.

In the USA, currently there are only two cancer treatments approved- radiation and chemotherapy.

If it comes to an adult that is facing cancer, then he or she has the freedom to make their own choice about the way of healing. But, when talking about children, the parents are the ones that are supposed to make the choice, and in this case they are usually restricted from the alternative options, since there is the possibility to lose custody of the child.

The little girl that appears on the video was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which is a very rare and aggressive form of childhood leukaemia. In July,2012, doctors found a basketball-sized mass of lymphoblasts in her chest.

The mass was so big that she was unable to be sedated for risk of death from the pressure on her esophagus and heart.

Despite the hugenumber of people with cancer that are using cannabis therapy to treat their illness and the success they’ve had, there is a significant amount of scientific evidence to back it up as well.

For a very long time, cannabinoids have been found to reduce cancer cells aand at the same time they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system.

In the case of Mykala, the cell counts that were affected by cancer, significantly decreased as she started using cannabis treatment. In July 2012 Mykala started the therapy having 51 % lymphoblast count and the journey ended in August 2012 with 0%.

Take a look at the official site of Mykala here.


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