Activists Rescue 174 Foxes From Farm, Give Them New Home at Buddhist Monastery

Thanks to a handful of warm-hearted people, 174 foxes have been saved from a Chinese fur farm. According to GoodNewsNetwork, the farm was closing due to lack of funds.

But then, activists, including Karen Gifford and a woman named BoHe, stepped in. Not only did they rescue the foxes, they found them a new home at a Buddhist monastery. 

It all started when residents of the Buddhist Jilin Nursing Garden in Mudanjiang, China, overheard the news that the fox farm was closing. The animals were to be “disposed of,” which clearly meant they would be killed. After acknowledging this sad fact, residents agreed to welcome the foxes at the monastery. 

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Over the past few weeks, Gifford has been documenting the rescue initiative. She has been largely assisted by BoHe, who operates a local dog sanctuary that is home to 2,400 canines — many of which were rescued from the dog meat trade. 

In the first of Gifford’s Facebook posts, the white foxes can be seen arriving in cages by the truckload. 

On another day, an update was posted, showing the foxes enjoying their first steps outside of their cages.

Now that the foxes are safe, Gifford is raising donations to help buy food for the critters. Reportedly, they will be staying at the monastery until volunteers are able to construct a permanent shelter.

white fox
Credit: Pixabay

“Thank you to all the wonderful supporters! I’m sure your hearts swell seeing these videos and the Buddhist monk standing among the foxes free in the garden,” wrote Gifford.“The weather is freezing at Bohe’s base … so please, anything is appreciated.”

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