Can I know God personally? Q2


God reveals himself to man through his words and draws near to us through his actions. He has not left us alone.

Put yourself in the boots of the first astronauts. Imagine getting into the spaceship alone. Though having another man beside us may not solve a hopeless situation, companionship is nevertheless a real comfort when taking risks or in times of trouble.

Many religions say that we cannot know God personally. They have a view of a God that is distant and unknowable. The Christian believes the opposite. Christians seek to follow the Bible, which teaches that God can be known—that he even desires it greatly. In fact, one of the most common promises the God of the Bible communicates is that he will be “with” us. This promise of his presence comforts, even in times of hopelessness.

The most vivid expression of his desire to be “with” his people, however, can be found in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. He physically came near. Christians believe that God took on flesh so that he could eat, be tempted, love, mentor, teach, heal, and ultimately die for the sake of the human race. In fact, his primary purpose was to make it possible for us to know God up-close and personal.

Consider This:

  • If this was true—that God is knowable and intimately involved with this world—what difference would it make in your life?
  • Do you think there might be other ways through which God is trying to reveal himself to you?

Take Action:

  • Try it out: Seek God personally this week. Ask him your big questions. Hunt for his “fingerprints”—clues he has left that reveal more of his personhood and nature. Write down what you see and learn.



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