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One thought on “Contact Us

  • November 26, 2016 at 11:53

    Hello SoulSpiritGuide/Deep Within/ any other page coordinated by this specific united faculty of enlighteners.
    I’m writing this email to request hopefully that you might promote a page I have founded based on united beliefs in conjunction with that of yours and similar pages. The page is solely run by myself a 22yr old father of two located in Australia but spiritually intertwined on the universal plane of knowledge we all share. My page was founded to bestow views on our current universe. Philosophy, Art, Spirituality, Unity, The Universe, Sentience, Gnosticism, Synchronicity, Paganism, Buddhism, Zen and Enlightenment. Said page has inky just been founded under the name Orchestrated Synchronicity and can be found in conjunction with the username: @EqualityUnitedEternally
    I appreciate and respect the time you’ve taken to read my view and proposal and look forward to a response or action in accordance with the unity that we all share through the triangle of Truth, Honor and Love over the triangle of Oppression, Sin and Fear. I trust and respect your view shall be balanced by your faiths..
    Thank you and namaste
    Kind regards- Jacob Waddle


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