Dr. Gallo: “I Invented AIDS To Depopulate Humanity”

Dr. Gallo: “I Invented AIDS To Depopulate Humanity”:

Dr. Robert Gallo, the scientist credited with ‘discovering’ the HIV virus in 1984, has admitted that he created AIDS in order to reduce the world’s population. 

In 1984, Gallo filed a U.S. patent application for his invention of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Dailypost.co.za  reports:

Normally, when a patent is filed and approved, as Dr. Gallo’s was, anyone who uses the product or invention owes a royalty payment to the artificer.

Thus, holding the intellectual property laws to their fullest interpretations, one must solely marvel why Dr. Gallo has yet to file a proceedings seeking to recover damages from the usage of his invention? As odd as this state of affairs could sound, it bears need for extra scrutiny.

The scientific evidence is complete and compelling, the AIDS Virus is a designer bi-product of the U.S. Special Virus program. The Special Virus program was a federal virus development program that persisted in the U.S from 1962 until 1978…..

The U.S. Special Virus was then added as ‘compliment’ to vaccinum inoculations in Africa and Manhattan. Shortly thereafter the world was engulfed with mass infections of somebody’s animal virus that differed from any illustrious human sickness, it was highly contagious and additional significantly,

A review of the Special Virus Flow Chart (“research logic”) reveals the United States was seeking a ‘virus particle’ that might negatively impact the defense mechanisms of the system.

The program sought to modify the ordination of the virus particle during which to splice in associate degree animal “wasting disease” referred to as “Visna”.

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According to the Proceedings of the us of America, AIDS is an biological process, laboratory development of the peculiar Visna Virus, first detected in Icelandic sheep. Recently, American and world scientists ensure with 100 percent certainty the laboratory genesis of AIDS.

This fact is more underscored once one reviews the ‘multiply-spliced’ nature of the HIV ‘tat’ sequence and Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper, “Reverse Transcriptase of Type-C virus Particles of Human Origin”.

Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper is identical to his 1984 announcement of AIDS. Upon further review the record reveals that he filed his patent on AIDS, before he made the announcement with Secretary troubler. Earlier this year, Dr. Gallo conceded his role as a ‘Project Officer’ for the federal virus development program, the Special Virus.

The Flow Chart of the program and the 15 progress reports are undeniable proof of the United States’ game to cull world populations via the unleashing of a stealing biological organism that may ‘waste’ humanity.

In light of this true genesis of the world’s most divesting biological scourge, it is the u. s. that owes ‘royal’ payments to the innocent victims.

Each associated each victim of AIDS is worthy of a proper apology and a way of economic closure for an invention of death and despair, perpetrated by the United States.

The eyes of the world are upon the overall Accounting Office’s Health Care Team, under the direction of William J. Scanlon.

Between 1964 and 1978, the secret federal virus program spent $550 million dollars of payer cash to create AIDS.

It is now necessary to pay no matter it takes to dismantle associate invention that has junction rectifier to the best crime against humanity within the history of the globe.

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Gallo: “I Invented AIDS To Depopulate Humanity”

  • January 1, 2018 at 23:01

    I think Mr. Gallo should be crucified for what he has done to our humanity! Who is he to play ‘God,’ what gives him the right not to be put in prison for life? After all he is no different than anyone else that has committed murder! Yes murder that’s what I said!! I thought that when these scientists invent something, they also invent a antidote to the poblem, & if so then what right did Gallo have to distribute such a horrible disease to humanity without the cure??? I my self have lost alot of friends to this horrible disease & that’s just wrong!! I don’t care to here any excuses for his actions! There is none!! Something’s telling me that when he did this, he also ‘invented’ the Hepitic C. disease… I want to thank him personally for that, as I myself am a victim of Hep C. I contracted it sexually from my man, which it caused him to develope asyties & cancer of the liver! I’m very lucky that I got it under control by taking the treatment for 48 weeks straight. My liver is good so far, but I still to this day have to have it checked every 6 months to make sure it stays this way! Thank the Lord that I’m ok…, but with someone out there like Gallo; who knows what’s in store for anyone’s future??? By the way you don’t have to keep my comment anonymous, because I am not a person that would jeopardize the future of our population! After all we are the Lord Gods creations. He him self is our judge & jury. When our time is up only God has the right to take us from our loved ones & put us at peace! Amen
    God please help the wrong to see the right in the world. Let us put a stop to this evilness amongst us while we still can.
    Rose L. Bendixen

  • January 3, 2018 at 20:13

    I also ment to put in my resent comment that my love of 8years wasn’t so lucky when he did the treatment for Hep C…his liver was to far gone, so he ended up on a transplant list. Unfortunately he passed before they could find him a donor. He is very sadly missed to this day. They say it gets easy, but it don’t. Trust me I’m living proof that it doesn’t get easier!!
    Thank you for allowing me to vent!
    Sincerely, Rose Bendixen

  • December 5, 2018 at 09:34

    You can invent a gun that is used in war to kill millions of people but since you were’nt pulling the trigger you are not legally responsible for those deaths. Same thing with inventing biological weapons. I know it isn’t fair but since when is this world fair? If Gallo did indeed admit why he invented it then he knows he is not legally responsible which is why he can admit that.

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  • September 14, 2019 at 06:36

    This article is nothing but a bunch of incoherent thoughts that add up to ZERO proof of the title. It is irresponsible and negligent to simply put quotation on a sentence and allow people to think that it’s a admission of fact. Too many people who are trying to seek real truth are harmed by being led to believe that articles like these that are lacking fact and blatant misinterpretation of ideas to stoke the flames of peoples emotions

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