How To Turn Off WhatsApp For Android – No Root Required!

Looking for a way to log off or sign out of WhatsApp for Android? Check out this guide on how to “turn it off” 

To avoid starting off on the wrong foot, let me first clarify some points. There is still no non-root way to log out of WhatsApp for Android. It’s weird how they made the app like that, giving you no option to completely sign out of the messenger app. Obviously, most of  WhatsApp’s 600 million users don’t want to make a fuss out of it.

But for those of us who do want to get a way to totally shut the app up without uninstalling it, rooting our phones, or disabling our Wi-Fi or data connection, we may still be in the dark.

Well, I’ve been using a simple workaround to do it, sort of. For the purpose of discussion, when I say “turn off” I mean disabling all notifications: vibration, pop-ups, or notification bar alerts. So if you don’t want to be bothered by delusional BFFs sending you their meal plans for the day, or colleagues reminding you about your deadlines during a weekend break, here is a quick way on how to turn off WhatsApp for Android.

Turn off WhatsApp for Android –  Step 1

Step - 1
Step – 1
  • Go to the Settings app. Tip for accessing it quickly: Swipe down from the top portion of the screen from anywhere within the device to display the notification bar. Tap on the gear icon.

Turn off WhatsApp for Android –  Step 2

Step - 2
Step – 2
  • Select the “More” tab and tap on Application Manager

Turn off WhatsApp for Android –  Step 3

Step - 3
Step – 3
  • You will be presented with a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Scroll down and choose WhatsApp. Once the options are brought up, uncheck the box next to “Show notifications.”
  • When you do that, you won’t be receiving any pop-up alerts or notifications from WhatsApp when new messages arrive.

Turn off WhatsApp for Android –  Step 4

WhatsApp notification
WhatsApp notification
  • However, though the alerts are silenced, a little “new message” sign indicated by a number will still appear next to the WhatsApp icon (see image above). Seeing that will defeat the whole purpose of this guide. If you’re browsing through your app drawer and you see that tiny image, you may still be inclined to check the new WhatsApp message.
  • A good workaround is to hide WhatsApp itself (refer to image below). Do it by going to your app home screen > tap on the Menu button > choose “Hide applications” > select WhatsApp and tap on Done.
Step - 4
Step – 4




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