India Will Soon Have The World’s Biggest Bird Sculpture & The World’s Jealous.

The Jatayu Nature Park with the world’s biggest bird sculpture is almost past its primary stage and will be open to overwhelm us in 2016. This rock-themed park is located in Chatatayamangalam, Kollam district, Kerala.

Many attractions are spread across 65 acres. Some of them are:

Mythical bird Jatayu’s sculpture (200 feet long, 150 feet broad, 70 feet in height and having 15,000 square feet of floor area).

One of its kind digital museum.

Jatayu Museum

6D theatre.

Jatayu Museum 2

20 games, including paint ball, laser tag, archery, rifle shooting, rock climbing, bouldering, ATVs and rappelling

Jatayu Museum 3

A walkway around the park that will lead people through several natural rock formations and caves.

Jatayu Museum 4

India’s first state of the art cable car is also said to debut here.

Who is responsible for this marvel?

Renowned filmmaker Rajiv Anchal is set to transform Kerala Tourism with his vision. And the motivation behind it, is equally motivating.

“Set in the picturesque backdrop, the Jatayu sculpture stands as the symbol of gratitude towards the heroic deed of Jatayu in protecting Sita in the epic Ramayana and has its greater relevance in the modern context as it is one of the earliest attributes in regard to women safety and honour.”

The sculpture is in fact placed on the spot where Jatayu was said to have landed.

Jatayu Museum 5

Mark it in your 2016 wishlist already!

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