Should Women Go To Jail For False Rape Acquisitions?

Should Women Go To Jail For False Rape Acquisitions?

How easy it is for a female to destroy the life of a male if she falsely accuses him of sexual assault, sexual harassment etc…

Football Star Brian Banks Wrongfully Convicted of Rape
Football Star Brian Banks Wrongfully Convicted of Rape
Above: Brian Banks, a 5-star football prospect with a whole future ahead of him who got wrongly convicted of raping a woman who confessed on Facebook that she fabricated her accusation — after he served six years in prison.

First, I want to say that I’m not saying that sexual crimes shouldn’t be taken seriously; sexual crimes should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Now that that’s out of the way…

This has happened to one of my friends; I will use other names to protect their privacy.

During my sophomore year in college, I met a person (let’s call him “Jim”) who was known around college due to having a high net worth. Jim was an athlete and overall a regular person.

One day, Jim decided to go out to one our school’s events and met “Jenna,” another athlete from another university. After the event ended, Jim decided to go out to go party with Jenna and, as often happens in college, he took her to his dorm to hook up. He then sent me and my friends a picture of them in bed, but with clothes (which you could tell was totally consensual, as Jenna was looking straight at the camera).

A few weeks later and Jim got a knock on his door. That was when everything went downhill.

The people knocking on his door were two campus police officers informing him that he had 72 hours to leave his dorm with his belongings and that he would not be permitted to return.

He then found out that he was being accused of sexual assault. By whom? You guessed it: Jenna.

He then had to pack his stuff, go back home and explain the situation to his parents. His parents and friends (including me) were heartbroken. Even though he said he wasn’t guilty, his reputation was already in the floor with various articles already going in the city.

Time passed and court date arrived…

First of all, Jenna took Jim to civil court instead of a criminal court, demanding a big sum of money for “damages.” Jenna had her coach and friends as witnesses.

During the trial, Jenna changed her take on what happened during that night over and over again, that they bought about 7 bottles of Budweiser at the event. She stated that Jim was absolutely drunk after the event and forced her to have unprotected sex with him and give him fellatio after the party.

It was then that the weight of evidence completely refuted her claims. It was presented to the judge that the college pub does not sell Budweiser, but only beer from local breweries. Not only that, but Jim was Muslim and could not drink any alcohol. They presented his credit card statement and the school security cameras confirmed that he had not bought any type of alcohol with him to the event.

The case was dismissed and Jim was found “not guilty”

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The result? He lost two semesters, thousands of dollars in legal fees, and most importantly, his reputation was irrevocably damaged.

All because Jenna wanted to sue Jim for money. Jim had to leave the country and start a new journey overseas.

While there are thousands of victims who have to go through the horrific sexual assaults and are afraid to speak up, someone like Jenna decided to make false claims for monetary gain and completely destroyed someone’s life.

The saddest part? This situation happens more often than you may think with companies terminating male staff, colleges kicking out students, and even worse, judges putting males in prison even though they are innocent.

Would the same actions be taken if a female was accused of rape by a male?

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Story Source : Quora by Darvin Florian
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2 thoughts on “Should Women Go To Jail For False Rape Acquisitions?

  • August 19, 2019 at 19:45

    YES!!! Rape is not something to be taken lightly. When you falsely accuse someone of it and then get found out, it makes everyone question the reliability of future accusers. When you rape someone, you should go to prison for a long time. When you falsely accuse someone, you should go to prison for a long time. BOTH situations have a victim and both ruin the lives of their victims. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!


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