What do I need to do to please God? Q3

Visualize standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. You are immediately overcome by its vastness. It strikes you how “impossible” it would be to cross that divide. But some expert rope walker just might attempt the feat—with the help of a slackline in perfect tension and only in perfect conditions.

Now increase the distance of that chasm to extend across the entire universe. According to the Bible, that is a better approximation of the span that separates finite man from an infinite God. How could any man conceive of negotiating such an expanse?

The Bible describes both the extremity of our position and provides a simple answer: we can’t. But while we may be unable to attain God’s perfection, there is one who can—and did. Jesus, who Christians believe was fully man and fully God, lived a perfect life and died a perfect death, bridging the gap created by man’s rebellion against God. Jesus’ sacrifice is like the infamous tightrope walker who offered to ferry a willing spectator across Niagara Falls. It is his effort that connects us to God. All that is required of us is to rely on his work.

Consider This:

How does it feel to hear that God’s satisfaction is not based on your performance?

Take Action:

Explore other religions’ and philosophies’ answers to this question. Note the differences between what has been asserted above and what you find.


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