Why We Look For Love

Why we look for love

To know you are loved is a yearning of every human upon this earth. Some want to be held, others wish to be adored, and some just to be relevant in some way. These yearnings come from separation from Source. You are always looking for love in this world.

Love takes many forms for it is in such high demand. You take any little inkling of love, a smile, an encouraging word. Why do you wish to be loved so greatly?

Because you come from a place of pure love, where you are connected to pure love, and you are love unconditionally. And so you look for forms of love upon the planet to replace the love you had in the higher vibrations, higher dimensions, and so on.

What other choice do you have? You were not supposed to access the divine love and wisdom while on earth. You were not to know your soul family, although more of them are finding their way to you right now. There were many seals put upon you and the earth itself, so you would not know who you truly are and where you came from.

It had to be that way, so you would think that you were separate, experiencing one life, and having free will to choose your journey. But now things have changed. Not just after thousands of years, but upon millions of years.

I have told you about the harmonic convergence, but again look it up if you do not understand it. It was planned, light quotients measured, and presumably, the earth would be removed of humanity for the 5th time.

This is where the story changes.



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